Starting from our first day in this world we are labeled by people around us and by society. But we all know deep inside who we are and where we are going. This knowledge, though, is overlapped by thousands of layers of fake information from the outer world.

My goal is to wash away all the layers and get to the core, to your nucleus, true self. To do this, I use Vedic Astrology. It helps me to calculate your Cosmic Passport and take you out of darkness into the light.


You give me your birth date, time of birth and place and will receive your Cosmic Passport which includes:

– your psychological patterns

– your talents

– your strengths

– your ideal partner

– what relaxes you

– what gives you energy

– your blocks and programs

– where to look for money And, the most important, your life path – what is the right direction for you personally that will unlock all the treasures you’ve got within you. It is the information that you can use all your life and it will be revealing new details again and again. You will know how to live without creating problems.

What is more, the most important gift you will get with this information is confidence. Confidence in who you are. It will help you to keep your essence and move forward not confused by the external irritants anymore.

FREE 30min introduction call

It will help me to understand where you are at and help you to understand if you really want to go further together with me.


One is enough for the whole lifetime, as it is the foundation of your essence.

You will understand yourself, your power, motivation, true needs and aspirations.

You will find out what qualities your ideal partner should have, how to get rid of repetitive patterns that stop you from growing and change your life.

You will understand your mission, what direction to take and how to truly self-realize.

The information you will receive will keep unpacking again and again as you continue your life journey.


1. You give me your date/time/place of birth
2. I ask you questions to ratify your birthtime to see if it is right.
3. I ask you 9 questions to understand where you are now and level of your self-consciousness.
4. We set the day for the analysis.
5. On the set day I send you the analysis of your birth chart in audio recordings.
6. You listen to audios ask me questions (or we make a video call to discuss your questions and comments).

P.S. I can help only those who are seeking growth, because after you get your Cosmic Passport your journey will just begin.

P.P.S. I work on a 100% prepaid basis. After receiving your payment, we set up the date of the consultation.